Sunday Easy Listening

Ah, Sunday. I do love Sunday. Sunday Roast happens on a Sunday. Or if you’re me, a lazy student, last night’s pizza is an okay substitute. For the first time in ages, I’ve found myself able to spend Sunday as it’s meant to be spent – chilling on the sofa, doing nothing, listening to a few tunes. Here are a couple of picks for Sunday Easy Listening.

Bad Company – Hornet

There’s nothing that says Sunday to me more than a nice clean synth lead and a little bit of the amen break. Nothing like a nice clean synth lead and a little bit of the amen break to remind you that, maybe, just maybe, things aren’t so bad. It’s the perfect soundtrack to watching the midday spring sunshine filter through the blinds, room awash with golden hue.

Then, of course, there’s the inevitable raucous, the same three well-executed chords and heavy drum beat to lull you into the Sunday laze haze lethargy. Now you’re a lot less popular with your hungover housemates, but at least you’re able to aggressively relax, right?

Benga – 26 Basslines

This track is perfect to kick down into a day of rest. All I can hope is that we begin to come full circle and this minimalist dubstep becomes popular once more. I love the cavernously low bass wobble throughout the track. And, seriously, I love to hear my dubstep some vocoder in it. I just wonder if this track actually has 26 basslines, and can anyone tell me where I’d buy a sound system to hear at least 20…

Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin

Okay, now we’re getting there. This is a track to lift you out of your mid-afternoon slump. There’s something ultimately cleansing about the chords in this track. Perhaps it’s the pitched snare evoking my inner pluviophile?  It brings forth recent memories of walking home in the early hours. All around me, my surroundings are clothed in a fine mist of warm rain. In this moment of peace and serenity, I listen only to the soothing sound of water tricking out of guttering, pattering onto tarmac.

What’s your Sunday Easy Listening? Email us at

As Bruce Forsyth never said, Keeeeep Skanking


G x


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