The antidote to Summertime Sadness? D ‘n’ B, of course! Part 4/5

Summertime sadness really is Back Again. The sun is as non-existent as my summer fling, and with a crippling sense of existential dread, I realise that the long summer isn’t nearly as long as it seemed a few short years ago. In a world of 24/7 social ‘connection’ and constant competition, it’s easy to get swept up in the tide of social expectation, and to forget to make time in our busy schedules to live in the moment. For the penultimate part of the playlist – well, I was in the mood for something heavier.

Audio – Airborne

This track is a significant departure from the organic sounding DnB featured in the previous part of the playlist. Despite sounding gloriously electronic with a haunting synth arpeggio at the start of the track, it manages to create rawness not unlike heavy guitar music; metal and its associated sub genres. Having discovered Metallica around age eight, I really appreciate this. It also has to be said I like my bass like I like I like my cereal – fresh and crunchy – and the bass in Airborne is by no means cornflakes accidentally left in a sauna. I really enjoy how sinister the synth sounds: part angry angle grinder; part distorted guitar riff, and I like my riffs like I like my lettuce – shredded.

TC – Get Down Low (Levela Remix)

Having first heard this on a night out, I know it sounds fantastic on a proper sound system. Where some may criticise this track and call it repetitive, I would say its intensity does exactly what it’s meant to do, get everyone in the club skanking, it holds the attention with no sparse portions. You’ll be powerless to the bass vortex and you’ll find yourself compelled to Get Down Low.

The best times include good tunes, good friends, and a good skank

G x


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