The antidote to Summertime Sadness? D ‘n’ B, of course! Part 3/5

Summertime sadness really is Back Again. The sun is as non-existent as my summer fling, and with a crippling sense of existential dread, I realise that the long summer isn’t nearly as long as it seemed a few short years ago. In a world of 24/7 social ‘connection’ and constant competition, it’s easy to get swept up in the tide of social expectation, and to forget to make time in our busy schedules to live in the moment. For the third part of my summer DnB playlist, I’ve gone back to the old skool with some tunes associated with a couple of the linchpins of DnB.

Roni Size & Reprazent – New forms

It doesn’t exactly make for a smooth transition with the rest of the playlist, but it would be frankly unforgivable to fail to include Roni Size & Reprazent. After all, they are widely credited with being one of the acts that helped DnB to gain recognition in the mainstream music scene.1 Thus, New Forms  can be imagined as partially representing the birth of DnB into the mainstream, a genesis of birdsong and strings. This track oozes style: from the inclusion of live drum beats and double bass, to the silky smooth vocals of the rapper Brahamadia.

Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction

I love this track as much as Gregg Wallace loves deserts. This estimation could be blinkered somewhat by my love of the old skool electronica – I even love the word electronica, EDM’s elder, more distinguished cousin. But the proof of sweet, sweet, DnB pudding is in the way it dances across the aural palate. And this is a track which allows for its individual components to shine through without compromising its overall feel. The basis of this tune is delightfully analog; a warm synth with a garage style beat. Despite being nearly twenty years old, it still sounds fresh, and it is a track which holds the listener’s attention from start to finish with some really well-executed samples. In my opinion, the inclusion of sultry saxophone takes the track to another plain.

The best times include good friends, good tunes, and a good skank

G x

1 To find out more, please click here.

2 Massive props to Gregg, the ‘Pudding Monster’


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