The antidote to Summertime Sadness? D ‘n’ B, of course! Part 2/5

Summertime sadness really is ‘Back Again.’ The sun is as non-existent as my summer fling, and with a crippling sense of existential dread, I realise that the long summer isn’t nearly as long as it seemed a few short years ago. In a world of 24/7 social ‘connection’ and constant competition, it’s easy to get swept up in the tide of social expectation, and to forget to make time in our busy schedules to live in the moment. You’re currently reading the second part of my DNB playlist because heavy bass is well known to take away some of that burden we’re shouldering at the moment… Lifetime debt… Generation Rent… tsk, tsk, tsk.

Toronto is Broken – Back Again

There is nothing like a nice old skool sample to nourish the soul of this ginger skanker, a sample I recognise from the early ‘90’s rave track Death of the Prodigy Dancers.1 Much to my delight, the flavour of the track continues to permeate  like a melted choc ice through the loud t-shirt of your average British tourist. This is facilitated by a suitably wide analog synth, included throughout the track with varying dynamics. Although it may seem that the uplifting vibe of the track is one that would best lend it to a cosmopolitan mid-summer party, it seems more grounded than its bombastic EDM counterparts, with the track’s name and retro styling perhaps paying homage the bygone era of British rave.

Bad Company UK – Equilibrium 

This track is vastly different in terms of style when compared to the last, and it could be said that it’s a bit too old to even be included in this Summer 2016 playlist, having been released at the beginning of the year. But the truth is, fickle human that I am, I couldn’t not include it. I love how the introductory, ethereal string section quickly transitions into a spiritual wind portion evoking imagery of mist rolling off a mountainside in exotic climes. This truly makes for the calm before the storm; the storm in the form of the thunder of distorted bass and drum; ample reverb to give the sense of the heavens having opened, with well-executed silences adding to the claustrophobic feel of the track. It isn’t exactly your typical summer soundtrack, but I’ve shoehorned it in here because its atmospheric nature is not at odds with the quintessential British summer experience: the continuous torrential downpour.

The best times include good friends, good tunes, and a good skank

G x

1 Any ideas on where this sample came from would be greatly appreciated. I love to track samples – bit nerdy I know…

Gingers do have souls – for more evidence, please click here.



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