The antidote to Summertime Sadness? D ‘n’ B, of course! Part 1/5

Summertime sadness really is Back Again. The sun is as non-existent as my summer fling, and with a crippling sense of existential dread, I realise that the long summer isn’t nearly as long as it seemed a few short years ago. In a world of 24/7 social ‘connection’ and constant competition, it’s easy to get swept up in the tide of social expectation, and to forget to make time in our busy schedules to live in the moment. This is the first part of my very own DNB playlist to remind you to Carpe Diem.

Calyx & TeeBee – Takes One To Know One

Out on RAM Records, Takes One To Know One, makes for a great soundtrack to the sense of resolute triumph that can only come with the freedom of summer. The inclusion of strings of the track really makes are a great addition and heighten the track’s theatricality. This isn’t really by virtue of the beat itself, although consistent warbling bass reminiscent of Chase and Status’ Take Me Away can never be a bad thing, what makes me love this track is the gravelly male vocal. Despite the fact that the lyrics are the right balance of catchy and poetic to warrant screaming at the top of your lungs at the messier end of a club night, the edge to the vocal gives the track a feel that is both visceral and veracious.

My Nu Leng & Flava D – Soul Shake (1991 Remix)

“‘A great philosopher once wrote…’1 – My Nu Leng have done it again.” With MixMag proclaiming Flava D ‘at the forefront of bass music,’ this track was always going to be an absolute banger. It’s one of those that makes you crave a sweaty club and a sound system powerful enough to make you feel sick, no matter your state of intoxication. It’s one of those tracks that is so audacious, nothing can touch you for 4 minutes and 11 seconds. You’ve been elbowed in the boob four times? Doesn’t matter. The floorboards are flexing and your rational brain is cringing a little for your safety? Just enjoy the moment. Creepy McGee’s back again? Actually, take the hint, dude, if she looks like she just wants to skank, she don’t want no h-pank… In short, Soul Shake (1991 Remix) is a really dirty DnB track, one that if played through decent enough speakers  actually goes full circle and can cleanse you spiritually. Perhaps it’s all the low frequency giving them mitochondria a good exfoliation session? There you have it, Drum and Bass, infinitely more fun than a scale and polish at the dentist.

The best times include good friends, good tunes, and a good skank

G x

1 Massive props to The Shamen

Dedicated to Lorna U, sassing Creepy McGee since ’97


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